Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Preparing for the first commute.

A short update; I have now prepared the bike for it's first commute tomorrow. This is going to be my reality check before I strip it down and add the finishing touches. I took it out for a couple of km's tonight and did some bunny hops to see if it broke, and it didn't - yay. The shifter isn't too bad to use really as the changes are pretty quick and direct anyway, so it is a pretty momentary thing to bump up a gear. It feels seriously good on the road, stiff and stable. No hands are easy as pie. To be honest I am totally stoked with how it rides.

Yet to do list;

 - Fine finishing of the joints, the pics below tell me a story of how much more is needed...
 - The chainstay bridge, this is only so I have something to fix the mudguards to as I will probably be running these.
 - I reckon I will tweak the position of the rear brake bosses, probably no one else can see it unless it is pointed out, but the funny angle is bothering me.
 - Drill and tap the front fork mudguard mount.
 - Maybe create a couple of extra brazons on the seatstays for the rack fixing.
 - Now I have what feels like a very nice riding position I am thinking of making a custom stem, although I do not have any suitable material at the moment.
 - I was eyeing up the parts for the second set of forks yesterday, that might be the next chunky thing to do... mmm triplane fork crowns.

Anyway, some pics.


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