Thursday, 17 May 2012

A visit from the fork jig fairy

The fork jig fairy came in the night and left these under my pillow;

Which would explain the crick in my neck in the morning....

Actually these lovely bits came via my new best friend Simon, who has very kindly lent them to me to kick off the fork build. This has been hampered somewhat by the discovery that my steerer tube is 12.5mm too short to be used with my geometry - sods law really as this was the only bit I had not modelled in CAD yet. However, I had already decided to get a few more bits from Ceeway, so I ordered these along with a couple of longer steerer tubes, and parts to build another set of forks.

The second set of forks is because Dave at my favourite bike shop ever got me excited about Biplane fork crowns the last time I was there visiting.

Dave has this amusing sales technique of showing me something lush and expensive and/or old and awesome, then telling me he won't sell it to me. But by then my bicycle lust/purchasing appetite is whetted and I usually walk out having spent every cent available to me. He is a bad man.

Anyway, tonight's effort consisted of discovering that I lacked half an inch somewhere important, then compensating for it by buying stuff off t'internet. I also spent a considerable amount of time positioning the fork ends in the jig just so;

Not much visible reward for the excruciating level of time and care that I put into that...

In other news, the Minitec pricing came in, after I regained consciousness I found my wallet missing so I assume that will arrive soonish.

In other other news, I am getting my dropout design laser profiled as we speak.

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